Foxtail Inc.
Established 2016

Welcome to Foxtail Inc (Foxinc), located in the foothills of Colorado and owned by Misa LaVan.
The land that now host Foxtail Inc, has been used for horses and farm work for over 100 years. The first owners claimed the land in 1880, 4 years after it became of the Union. At first the farm was only raising and growing what the owners needed. In 1919 the farm was sold and used to grow few different crops. The farm was passed down and soon was used for cattle, and ranch horse breeding/training. In 2000 the farm was foreclosed on by the bank and was left to sit for the next 15 years.
In 2015, while at a show, Misa found the sale ad and called the bank up. The bank was eager to sale and happily showed her the farm. After seeing the work that needed to be done, she passed on the farm. However when the bank came back with a great deal, she just couldn't turn them down. She spent almost a whole year get the place move in ready. There is still lots of work to be done, but she hopes one day to be one of the top Eventing barns in the area.

This site is completely fictional and part of a simulated game, Three Days To Glory. All the content is for personal use only, and used as part of the game. Horses, places and stables listed on this site are fictional. We claim no ownership of any real life horses listed within pedigrees. If you have any questions feel free to email me.
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